©2003 by Steve Simmons and Steve Macdonald

This is a Dorsai song- about a couple of planets called the Friendlies. These planets are ruled by a religious theocracy, and are treated poorly in most of the Dorsai books (mindless, god-thinking drones, mostly).

In one story, Dickson gives them some respect- and the thought I had was 'why would someone emigrate there? What's to respect?'

This song was the result. Think of it as taking place after a battle, with the Friendlies (of course) losing again.

We meet here on the killing fields
Below the blood stained hill
The day, it seems, has gone your way
But I am standing still
You think you've offered me a choice
Quit and live, or stand and die
But you see not what matters most
To those who live as I

If it were God's will I should lay me down
I would lay me down with a will
But it is his will that I should stand
And stand, by God, I will.

We both are men of common stock
Who serve another's will
You think you serve Mammon, king, or kin
To take this bloody hill
I must stand, or I shall fall
To Hell, beneath God's will
And though you know not who you serve
You are his servant still


So here we stand on the killing field
Torn and battered, bruised and pained.
You expected here the Lambs of God
You found us wolves, ordained
So go and choose to fight or not
We choose Heaven, never Hell
Like Spartans at Thermopolae
Obedient to God's will

Chorus (x2)